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Proudly Brings You Diverse FX

Providing Real Forex Opportunities

Diverse FX is proudly brought to you by Money Diverse giving everyone the opportunity in gaining better than usual returns on their money with no experience or knowledge required.


Are you registered Forex brokers?
No, we are not brokers. You would be required to open a Forex account with a registered Forex broker of your choice.

Are you Forex account managers?
No, we do not manage any investment accounts. You are responsible for managing your own account. By signing up as a FREE member, you agree that DFX will be copying our exact trades over to your Forex account by means of our DFX management software. We do not give any financial advice and do not charge any fees or commissions. You agree to pay us 25% of the profit made from our trading on your Forex account.

Do you provide advice?
Neither Diverse FX, its subsidiaries, distributors, employees, representatives nor independent contractors are licensed financial advisors. We strongly recommend that you consult with a licensed financial professional for all financial advice.

I have no Forex experience, will this work for me?
Yes it will. All that is required on your part is a FREE DFX membership and a Forex account with a broker of your choice with at least a US $250.00 starting account balance on Option 1. We have an easy step guide to getting started inside the members zone.

Do I have to download the MetaTrader trading platform?
Only if you are trading yourself but not in option 1.

What currency pairs do you trade?
We only trade the 3 major currencies USD(United States Dollar), GBP(British Pound) and EUR(Euro). We only trade the EUR/USD and GPB/USD pair.

When do you trade?
We trade all year from Monday to Friday including public holidays.

What are the costs when opening a Forex account ?
There are normally no costs involved when opening an account with a Forex broker. Most of them are FREE. The only costs involved is the transaction fees when depositing and withdrawing to and from your account.

How do Forex brokers make their money?
Forex brokers make their money when you trade. This is on the spread between the two currency pairs. They also make their money with commissions...

Can I have more than one DFX membership?
There is no need for more than one DFX membership. If you have multiple trading accounts, you can request that we add them to your DFX portfolio.

When and how do I pay your share of the profit over to you?
We send out invoices once or twice a month depending upon profits made and are payable within 7 days of recieving the invoice. This is only done if profit of $20.00 or more has been made on your account. If you request a stop trading, you will be invoiced for the outstanding profit made irrespective of when you were last invoiced. This will only occur once all trades have closed and your account has been reset to inactive. You have currently three payment options, Moneybookers(Skrill) credit card and bank wire/EFT. The minimum transfer via bank wire is $100.00.

What happens if I dont pay you on time or at all?
Diverse FX simply stops the trading software on your account and closes all trades whether they are in profit or a loss. Your account will only be re-activate once payment has been successfully made to our account. If no payment is received within 10 days of the invoice date, your account is suspended and will never be re-activated again. Your IP, names, email address and Forex account are then black listed with DFX.

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