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Proudly Brings You Diverse FX

Providing Real Forex Opportunities

Diverse FX is proudly brought to you by Money Diverse giving everyone the opportunity in gaining better than usual returns on their money with no experience or knowledge required.

About Us

Our Forex training and trials began in early 2000 after a successful 2 years of stock market trading. We realised that there is far greater profit to be made from this extremely volatile market. As with everyone first entering the Forex market, we found that it is not quite the same as trading the stock exchange. Our trials and errors lasted about two years before we finaly fathomed the Foreign exchange market and began profiting from it.

Diverse FX was started in November of 2009 mainly due to requests from acquaintances to trade on their behalf. Since then, Diverse FX has made many individuals consistent profit from our trading of the Forex market. The use of technology has made it possible for us to extend our services across the globe to anyone wanting the same results.

Diverse FX charges no upfront fees or costs for our services and only makes our money if we make you money. This makes the trust factor a lot easier in what we say is real and not just another one of those countless scams or schemes. In fact, we now have to place our trust in our members for services rendered.

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