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Diverse FX is proudly brought to you by Money Diverse giving everyone the opportunity in gaining better than usual returns on their money with no experience or knowledge required.

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Whether you are looking for an extra income or looking to compound your hard earned money to wealth, you have just found the right place.

We at Diverse FX find that although money isn't everything, it remains important to us. If the same applies to you, then we know that you will never look back once you become a member of our success.

If money is important to you, then read on to avoid any future disappointments.

Our Business!

Trillions of US Dollars traded a day in the largest financial market!

For the past 14 years we have made our business a part of the biggest financial market in the world known as Forex (Foreign Exchange). While this lucrative market is seen by many as a risky business, it is also known to many as a source of income or even a generation of compounding to wealth.

I am sure you will agree that there is nothing in life that does not involve some sort of risk. You would then also agree that risk can be successfully and dramatically reduced with the correct knowledge, experience and available tools. These factors almost always play an important role in deciding whether you would proceed with a certain venture or not.

We have with our Forex experience and knowledge produced consistent monthly returns ranging from 5% to 25% plus per month.

Our Forex trading is unique in that it makes use of our very own technical indicators and money management system. Along with our knowledge and experience, we have an option below that will suite you.

Diverse FX Offers!

After just one months free membership, you will wonder how you ever did without it!

Thanks to todays technology, we are able to share our Forex success with you in two different ways.

Todays Forex technology has made it possible for us to trade on your Forex account. What this means is that we are able to place our software on your Forex trading account.

Forex brokers have also taken advantage of todays technology by making it possible for third parties to trade on your account while keeping your account safe from any fraudulent activities.

The one way they do this is by providing you with two seperate usernames and passwords. One set is for your actual account where you make deposits, withdrawals... The other set is for your trading account only used on the MetaTrader trading platform. It is impossible for any third party to access your funds in your brokers account. Brokers have strict security measures in place such as additional pin codes, security questions that only you know, email confirmations of withdrawals, no third party payments...

First Offer

Our first offer is for our DFX software to be placed on your Forex account via our VPS server. All trades are set and automatically managed by the software once checked and verified by our experienced traders. This can only be done via the MetaTrader trading platform and excludes any other trading platforms.

Your only requirement would therefore be a Forex account with a Forex broker of your choice that makes use of the MetaTrader trading platform. The minimum account starting balance is US $250.00 and there is no maximum.

We have a list of recommended brokers in the members zone.

Our trading service is provided to members with no upfront cost or fees involved. We work on a percentage basis whereby you pay us between 25% and 50% of the profit made on your trading account depending on the amount invested. The more you invest, the less you pay us, the more money you make.

Bottom line, if we don't make you money, we don't make money.

Second Offer

Our second offer is a full online training course that is still under development and will be ready before the end of 2016.

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